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HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

The project to support Kyrgyz partners and local communities in adapting the rural vocational education system to the new situation of the private market economy by promoting skills development in rural areas by contributing to an effective and sustainable vocational education system that will provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that increase chances on the labor market and allow to successfully run a rural business...


Joint project to build the capacity of rural students (future graduates) as well as of the apprenticeship farmers, who trained them, to run a farm successfully by using the acquired skills and grants/ credits offered by the sub-project and to strengthen linkages between the farmers and the vocational schools.


Providing expertise in curriculum development and support GOPA in implementing the project for the vocational education of farmer entrepreneurs in PTU (vocational school) of Tajikabad.

University of Central Asia

Joint action to undertake the National Employer Conference for discussing various issues related to improving the Kyrgyz Vocational Technical Education and Training...


USAID \ Local Development Program

Joint project on to establish and operate the Issyk-Kul and Bishkek Tourism Information Centers (TIC) in order to improve information about tourism opportunities in Issyk-Kul, causing tourists to spend more money during their visit and return to the region which will stimulate rapid, diversified, and sustained economic growth of local economies.


European Commission \ Support to Education Sector of the Kyrgyz Republic

Objective of the Program is to encourage partnership between VET institutions, governmental authorities and trade unions as well as other stakeholders (e.g. professional associations, international organizations working in VET area, business society, formal and non-formal training providers). Actions will contribute to improvement of capacity and infrastructure of professional schools and training centers; updating VET methodologies; and improvement of financial sustainability of vocational education institutions...


Kumtor Operating Company

The “KАРАГАТ+” project aims to strengthen the quality and capacity of Issyk-Kul’s berry industry through farmer education, agricultural innovation and resource consolidation. The project focused on the Agriculture sector as it represents the primary income source for Issyk-Kul’s poor and middle class. The “Karagat+” project will assist in the rural socio-economic development of Issyk-Kul farmers’ by helping to overcome several existing market obstacles, in order ensure the future success of the Issyk-Kul karagat market, and its stakeholders. The projects main activities are: Development of nurseries and production of berries; Establishment of the collecting points around Issyk-Kul Lake; Development of storage facilities; Skills Development of rural youth...

The US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic

embThe M-STAR project aims to provide opportunities for madrassa students for career and personal growth through professional and life skills. The project is funded by the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

Embassy of Finland in Astana

posolThe project is implemented by the Public Fund "AVEP" with the support of the Embassy of Finland in Astana and contributes to improving the employment opportunities of migrants and rural youth, and also contributes to the development of the green economy in the Issyk-Kul region.

Bishkek Program office

Timiryazeva street 134,
Bishkek, 720014
tel.: +996 (312) 903 707

Balykchy Program office

Abdrahmanova str. 374A,
Balykchy, 722300
tel.: +996 (3944) 30603
fax: +996 (3944) 30617

Osh Program office

Oskonbaeva str. 4,
Osh, 714004
tel.: +996 (773) 640 325