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Provided tracer study to graduates

Based on many years of experience, PF AVEP in the framework of the project “Green skills training in rural areas” conducted a tracer study of graduates, after 3-6 months of completion of the course.
The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the conducted courses and the impact of the project, that is, the state of the graduates after the completion of the courses.
Following the results of tracer study revealed: To date, 155 graduates, that is, 74% are working in the specialties that were received under the project. Of these, 93 graduates created 17 brigades, 8 brigades for thermal insulation and 9 brigades for the construction of energy efficient furnaces. Also 44 graduates work independently, and the remaining 18 graduates use their skills, gaining experience, at home and with relatives.

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Masters improve their skills and knowledge

This week we would like to share with you a successful story of one of the masters, who graduated from a short-term training on the construction of energy-efficient stoves in the framework of the project G-STAR. Abakirov Maksat, who lives in the village of Kyzyl Asker, Chui oblast, shared his experience in improving the knowledge and skills gained in construction of energy-efficient stoves in rural areas.

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The project turns to sustainability

The training centers began to independently train short-term courses, developed within the framework of the project "Vocational training in green building skills", which was implemented by the public foundation of AVEP. This proves that the project is moving towards sustainable development.
The training center“Iigilik” in Cholpon-Ata by funding of the Issyk-Kul district employment center, trained unemployed citizens of the Toru-Aygyr village on "Construction of energy-efficient stoves." Having received certificates, 14 rural residents plan to build energy-efficient stoves first in their homes by using modern technologies, gain experience, and then only work on order and make a profit.

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Handed over equipment to madrasas within the framework of the M-STAR project

On 25th of July 2017 in Abdijapar Islamic institute in Medrese village, Kara-Suu district, Osh oblasts, within the framework of the M-STAR project handed over equipment to three madrasas with participation of Muftiyat, Kyrgyz State Commission for Religious Affairs, Public Foundation AVEP, local authorities and directors of the madrasas .  Total awarded equipment for 550,000 som got madrasas from Batken, Osh and Jalal-Abad oblasts. This equipment will be used for practical trainings within the framework of the M-STAR project in madrasas. Trainings will be on seamstress, cooker - confectioner and PC user.

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Initial successes of graduates

Brigades created by the project "Professional training in green building skills", work successfully. Graduates of the short-course on building efficient stoves in s.Chok-Tal, the Issyk-Kul region occupied by the construction of modern innovative furnaces (ochok). According to Brigadier Madanbekov Erkin, they fulfilled the initial orders, built a furnaces in Cholpon-Ata, for a mini-boarding house and for a private house and in the village of Kara-Oy for a private house.
Receive orders for the construction of energy efficient furnaces and ochok foreman Madanbekov Erkin, 709,170,244, Yssyk-Kulsky area.

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