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"KARAGAT +" will continue its activity

The project "KARAGAT +", aimed at improving the economic situation of rural residents of Issyk-Kul region has been extended until the end of 2018. Project will be implemented by the public foundation “AVEP” with the financial support of the Kumtor Operating Company. Within the framework of the project, the following activities will continue:

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Meeting with partners for planning events in 2018

On January 24, under the framework of the G-STAR project in Tokmok was held a meeting with the participation of the project staff, training providers and representatives of the construction teams involved in the project. At the meeting, the project staff presented a cooperation plan for 2018, which includes tasks, expected results and indicators. Also on the agenda was a discussion of a new way of organizing trainings, based on the practice of participants in the existing brigades cooperating with the project.

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In Osh was held a conference dedicated to the "M-STAR" project.

Public Fund AVEP with the participation of the State Commission for Religious Affairs, the Spiritual Office of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan, regional kaziyats and beneficiaries of the project summed up the activities of the M-STAR project for 2017. Representatives of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan also participated in this conference. At the beginning of the conference, the employees of AVEP made a presentation on the project's achievements in the short term. At the end of 2017, 140 pupils were trained in three madrassahs and 67% of graduates work in the specialties that they received under the M-STAR project. The representative of the State Commission for Religious Affairs expressed his gratitude to the project's donors and performers, and also wished that the project would later be able to cover all regions of Kyrgyzstan. Because the project has specific goals to improve the quality of life not only to students of madrassas, but also to families of students.

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Organized the final conference of the "Training in green building skills" project

On December 21, in the city of Karakol, in connection with the completion of the "Education in green skills in the field of construction" project organized a final conference. In this activity participated representatives of the regional administration, the city administration of Karakol, the employment center of Ak-Suu, Jety-Oguz and Issyk-Kul districts, the Village administrations and the beneficiaries, totaling about 40 people. At the conference, PF AVEP and Training centers provided a report on the project activities. Participants shared their views, expressed their gratitude. From the side of the city administration of Karakol and the district administration of the Ak-Suu district were given letters of appreciation to PF AVEP and training providers.

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Under the framework of the G-STAR project, was held workshop for trainers on two topics on December 11 in Bishkek

Under the framework of the G-STAR project, was held workshop for trainers on two topics on December 11 in Bishkek: "Modules developed under the framework of the project" and "Baseline assessment". At the workshop were reviewed the contents and scaling up of modules and were discussed the difficulties associated with them during training. Another issue was discussing of questions and content of baseline assessments.

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Bishkek Program office

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