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On June 24-25, a training was held on the subject of “Fundraising”

During the training, the participants got acquainted with the basics of fundraising, the secrets of preparing for negotiations and their effective conduct, learned the rules of project presentation, practicing objections and other useful tools. Based on the results of the training, students were ready to identify and analyze the organization’s resource requirements, identify their sources, draw up strategies for attracting them.

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The selection of madrassas for cooperation in the framework of the M-STAR project in 2020

After the presentation of the project to the public, the heads of the madrasah provided letters of interest in cooperation with the M-STAR project. In accordance with the letters of interest, from February 1 to 13, 2020, AVEP PF together with the SAMK (Muftiyat) visited madrassas located in the northern and southern regions of the country to select them for cooperation under the M-STAR project. During the visit, meetings were held with the leadership of 12 madrassas and the current state of educational institutions was discussed. Following the visit, a list of potential madrassas for cooperation was compiled. At the end of June 10-June this year, together with the State Commission for Religious Affairs and the SAMK, a final decision was made on the choice of a madrassah to start project activities.

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The next course on PC user has completed.

February 29, 2020 completed the course on computer use. This course was attended by 30 students from the Birinchi Kadam madrasah. During the course, students received practical and theoretical knowledge. Also, all students underwent internships in organizations where they use computer skills professionally. At the end of the course, all students successfully passed the exams and received certificates of completion.

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Graduates of the Welder course passed the exam.

On March 2, 2020, an examination was held at the Ravza Madrasah for a welder course. During the exam, students answered theoretical questions on the use of welding machines, safety equipment. There were also practical questions where students demonstrated skills in creating metal products. 30 students who passed the exam received a certificate of completion of the welders training course.

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The selection of madrassas in the framework of the M-STAR project for 2020

From 5th to 20th of February according to the letter of the interest to the M-STAR project staff visited several madrasas in South and north of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the visit in each madrasah, an analysis was made of classrooms, the number of students, and their willingness to actively participate in project activities. By end of the visit jointly with Muftiat and State commission on religious affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic will be identified beneficiary-madrasa of the M-STAR project for 2020.

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