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Monitoring of professional courses.

1 1On September 1-2, within the framework of the M-STAR project, monitoring of the quality of education in the madrasah was carried out. Teacher training at a high level, during the course, teachers were able to integrate modular teaching methods with all visual materials. The connections with which the madrasah students showed great interest in their studies. The attendance by students in full for the period of study is noted.

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Start of training courses

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On August 22, a cooking course started at the Moldo Tabaldy Azhy and Muslim madrasahs.
The students got acquainted with a new teacher who will provide them with knowledge that is not usual for madrasah.

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Business planning training

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On September 5-6, 2020, we held a business planning training for directors and teachers of madrasahs in the southern region. The training took place in the Bayan hotel with participation of 13 people.

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On September 7-8, 2020, a training was held for madrasah employees on the topic "Modular training"

This training was a logical continuation of the topic "Interactive teaching methods" and, at the same time, was aimed at instilling the knowledge and skills of madrasah teachers on the introduction of a modular teaching method in madrassas. The participants of the training were employees of the madrasah, in which confectionery and sewing shops were opened. The topics were taken as a basis for informing about modular training: on the organization of the workplace, on safety, first aid in the confectionery and sewing workshops.

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