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Within the framework of the D-STAR and M-STAR projects 15 madrassas received equipment

The event was conducted separately in Osh and in Bishkek.

On May 6, 2021, in the city of Osh, within the framework of the projects M-STAR and D-STAR, the PF AVEP organized a ceremony of handing over equipment for the selected madrassas on the basis of the Sulaiman-Too mosque. This event was attended by the head of the educational department of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan Akimjan Ergeshov, the head of the southern regional branch of the State Commission for Religious Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Isakbay Murzabekov, representatives of the Danida and AVEP public funds, heads of madrassas and the media, a total of 30 people. The main purpose of this event was to hand over necessary equipment for the practical and high-quality organization of professional courses in the Aziret Ali madrassa in the city of Aydarken by profession, a PC user, and in the Kadicha madrassa in the Kara-Suu district of the Osh region, by profession a cook-confectioner. And also during the event, small equipment was handed over to madrassas, where they teach English and computer literacy courses:

  • Imam Azzam madrassa – Kadamjay - English course
  • Umma Muhammad madrassa – Osh – PC user
  • Abdraim kary madrassa – Ozgon – PC user and English course
  • Muaz ibn jabal madrassa – Batken – PC user
  • Ilim Tat madrassa – Jalal-Abad - English course

Second event was organized on 11th of May, 2021, in Bishkek at Sarahsi madrassa. The event was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Muftiat Ravshan Eratov, head of the educational department of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan Akimjan Ergeshov, director of the training center Bilim Azamat Abdyldaev, directors of the madrassas and representatives of the AVEP. The following madrassas got equipment within the framework M-STAR project:

  • Sarahsi madrassa, Bishkek – Cook-Confectioner
  • Tokmok madrassa, Tokmok – PC user
  • Kolmo madrassa, Bishkek – Cook-Confectioner

Within the framework of the D-STAR project got equipment the following madrassas:

  • Al Farooq madrassa, Koy-Tash village - PC courses
  • Maatkabyl uulu Shershenbay aji madrassa, Bishkek - PC courses
  • Ravza madrassa, Jany-Jer village – English course
  • Kutayba ibn Muslim madrassa, Bishkek - PC courses and English course
  • Chet tilder madrassa, Talas - English course















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