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Success story

Success story

Within the framework of the project "M-STAR", PF "AVEP" opened short-term seamstress courses in the madrassa "Imam Tirmizi".

A graduate of the course, Hajiyeva Umida, shared her thoughts: “I study at the Imam Tirmizi madrassa and graduated from the seamstress course, organized by PF AVEP. The project has provided for training in seamstress courses with all the necessary equipment. The courses were conducted very well; the teacher delivered well the lessons and treated each of us according to our characters.

The advantage of the project was that the students were provided with all the necessary equipment and materials (needles, threads, etc.), and even provided forms. At the beginning of the course, notebooks, pens and files were provided. I see this as a focus for every student to ensure a quality education.

Although 2020 was a difficult year, I think it was a good year for the students of Imam Tirmizi Madrassa , because this year we have achieved good results with the support of the public AVEP foundation.

I cannot believe that in a short period of time I have learned to sew at a high level. The knowledge gained on this course was very useful to me, and I have a job. Now I work as a seamstress in a small workshop. I have a trusting relationship with my employer and I do a good job since I received an excellent education. My income is enough for the first time.

In the future I plan to open my own workshop. I will get additional education, because if I have a better education to open a workshop, it will be easier for me to work.

I would like to tell the students who will study after us, we were often distracted in the lessons (phones, conversations, etc.), it turns out that I did not pay the necessary attention to the lessons and I realized this only after I got a job and started earning and to help parents. Therefore, focus on the lessons and try to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.


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