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Live and learn!

Zakirzhanova Maryam studies at Madrasah "Ala-Too" -2 to become a Hafiz of the Koran and
receive the Pleasure of Allah Almighty. Today she finished her seamstress course. Maryam is
glad that she learned this art in a month. According to Maryam, the importance of this
profession was realized only when they earned money in this industry and helped the family.
“We are grateful to the AVEP Foundation for the opportunity to learn sewing! In a short
time, we went through intensive sewing courses. These were theoretical and practical lessons.
We mastered the skills of cutting and sewing. Received a certificate of knowledge. Now we
have a profession for the future! After graduating from the madrasah, we will work for the
good of our Motherland and for the good of our families ”- Zakirzhanova Maryam.
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