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On December 5, 2019, a conference was held on the topic “Religion and Society” in Osh

This conference was attended by representatives of the State Religious Commission, Muftiyat, Kazyyat, directors of madrassas, religious scholars and imams.

Head of the State Commission for Religious Southeast Region Myrzabekov. I.K. read a report on cooperation between the state and religion.1 1

This report said that every supporter of religious and secular views should respect each other, interact, and cooperate. It is necessary to increase cooperation between religious activities with the state. He also cited an example of the constitution of the state of Medina, that they have many nations and religions, and citizens came to a unified decision that they would all live together peacefully and protect their state from other enemies. They will help each other in everything and will not interfere in the interests of another.


Ergeshov Akimzhan, the head of the Muslim Board of the Education Department of Kyrgyzstan, read a report on the current development of religion in Kyrgyzstan. According to many experts, not only domestic but also foreign, the Kyrgyz Republic has developed a favorable situation in the religious sphere. The reason for this is the provision of legal conditions by state bodies, the construction of mosques, universities and madrassas for students of Kyrgyzstan is developing. The number of educated religious representatives is increasing.

Kazi of Osh Oblast Atabaev Samidin read a report on the rights and obligations of the Muslim community. He said that the Muslim community has the same rights as all citizens of Kyrgyzstan and that the Muslim community should help in all the people and the state in its interests, and that the Muslim community should behave appropriately to give an example to the growing generation.
In addition, the participants in the discussion concluded that imams, like students, should improve their education in all areas, in the legal sphere, in order to acquire new skills and knowledge in students' courses. And they noted that the AVEP Foundation helps in obtaining this knowledge.

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