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Fruit nursery "Temir-Bakyt" expands

2013 under the project "KARAGAT +" in Temir village farmers Derkembayev Olzhobek, Marazykov Begaly and Zhangirov Bakyt jointly organized a nursery and farmers propagated seedlings of fruit which were given under the KARAGAT + project.

Within the framework of the project, they participated in training on the development of nurseries and gardening. In exchange of experience went to other existing nurseries in the country.
Every year, gaining experience, they decided to organize nursery separately. Marazykov Begaly mastered 1.8 hectares of land, Derkembayev Olzhobek 1 hectare of land and both grow seedlings of fruit-profitable crops and blue spruces. Kennel "Temir-Bakyt" inTemir successfully expands and works. To date, they have found their place in the seedlings market.
“In 2016, Begaly mastered 1.8 hectares of land, which for many years remained uncultivated due to the unavailability of water. But with his efforts he delivered water at a distance of 700 meters, stretching the water ditch by hand and began to grow seedlings. According to his recommendations, next to him, I also organized a nursery on 1 hectare of land. Together stretched electricity. We cultivate the land manually. It is easy to organize a nursery, but in practice, they require a lot of strength. Two families working side by side, helping each other, achieved success, and slowly began to make a profit, ”said farmer Derkembayev Olzhobek.


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