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Organized experience exchange between madrasas

Within the framework of the M-STAR project, an exchange of experience was organized between the madrasas from 11th to 13th November 2018. It was attended by representatives of the State Commission for Religious Affairs, the Muftiat, the director of the madrasa and PF AVEP. During the visit, the participants visited four madrasahs and regional Kazyat of Osh oblast. The purpose of the visit was to introduce advanced methods in the management and training system in the madrasa. Participants of the event highly appreciated the activities and internal conditions of these madrasas. There are also different courses at these madrasas where students receive not only religious knowledge, but also professional knowledge. Students of madrasas go to school and receive a secular education in state secondary schools.

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Training on "Team Building"

28-29 September 2018 in the sanatorium of Jalal-Abad, Public Fund "AVEP" within the framework of the project "M-STAR" for the representatives of regional and city kazyyata also heads madrasa organized a training on "Team Building". During the training were trained on working with teams, team goals and etc.. After the training has been agreed and discussed plans with the leaders of the madrasah to further promote the project. The participants expressed their deep gratitude to the project "M-STAR."

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Monitoring of insulated houses

With the approach of cold weather, every homeowner begins to think about how to live out the coming winter season warmly, with minimal cost. To date, this issue worries many homeowners.

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Training on fundraising

From September 24 to 25, a fundraising training was held in Bishkek within the framework of the M-STAR project. The training participants were the heads of the madrasas, teachers and trainers of the training centers. During the training, participants received information on domestic and foreign donors. The trainer also explained the main methods in writing project proposals.

Employment and an additional income

One of these days, the representatives of the G-STAR project got acquainted with the work of construction brigades in the regions of the Chui province. These masters successfully completed short-term practical skills trainings as part of the G-STAR project, on the construction of energy efficient stoves and house insulation. In 2018, the brigades completed over 200 orders for the construction of energy-efficient stoves, and insulated about 15 houses. According to brigade leaders, the demand for energy-efficient stoves has significantly increased compared with the previous year. Before the skills trainings, most of these people did not have a regular income, and it was difficult for them financially maintain their family budget. Now, by fulfilling the orders, additional job and income opportunities are created.

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