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Sustainability of short-term courses

On November 5 - 6, as part of the M-STAR project, a seminar was held for leaders and representatives of madrassas in Bishkek and Osh. In the framework of agreements with madrassas, the seminar covered topics on business planning, organizing courses for youth, ensuring the sustainability of projects, etc. During the seminar, representatives of the madrasah presented their business ideas. The coach, for his part, corrected the mistakes of the compilers of the business plan. In the future, those business ideas will be implemented by the staff of the madrasas.

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Sport is a source of health and happiness!

On October 12, 2019, a volleyball tournament was organized in the Ravza madrasah in the village of Zhany-Jer. The event was attended by students of the school named Jean-Jer and students of the madrasah. The purpose of the event is to strengthen friendship and a call for tolerance. As a result of the game, the madrasah team won with a score of 2-1. Prizes were awarded to the winning team, as well as the best 4 players of the teams.

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Provided seminar on the etiquette of the girls in modern society

Within the framework of the M-STAR project on October 8, 2019, in the city of Talas, Chet Tilder Madrasah held a seminar on the etiquette of girls. The event was attended by students of madrassas and students of Ai-Col College. During the seminar, girls expressed their ideas and suggestions on improving the role of girls in the civil life of the country in accordance with the culture and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. The main thing that should be noted is that there were no conflicting situations or conflicting ideas on both sides.

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Training on business planning

Within the framework of the M-STAR project, a training on business planning for madrassa teachers was organized. This training was attended by 12 teachers from 6 madrassas. Teachers actively participated in the training and acquired new skills in business planning. During the training there were also practical exercises. The trainer also showed participants various tools and techniques on the topic.

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Meeting with the US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan

In September 20, 2019 the Ambassador of US in Kyrgyzstan Donald Lu had a visit to Talas city in order to get acquainted with the project “Madrasah Skills Training in Rural Areas” which is implemented by Public Fund AVEP. During the visit he met with the graduates and the director of the girls madrasah “Chet Tilder”.

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