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Fruit nursery "Temir-Bakyt" expands

2013 under the project "KARAGAT +" in Temir village farmers Derkembayev Olzhobek, Marazykov Begaly and Zhangirov Bakyt jointly organized a nursery and farmers propagated seedlings of fruit which were given under the KARAGAT + project.

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Handed over equipment to madrasas within the framework of the M-STAR project

On 20th of May 2019 in Kutayba Ibn Muslim madrasa, Bishkek, within the framework of the M-STAR project handed over equipment to six madrasas with participation of representatives of the US Embassy in Bishkek, Muftiyat, Kyrgyz State Commission for Religious Affairs, Public Foundation AVEP, local authorities and directors of the madrasas. Total awarded equipment for 3 462 860,00 KGS got next madrasas:

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Started English courses

From May 13 to 14, 2019, in the Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken oblasts, within the framework of the M-STAR project, the Sekom Training Center and the AVEP PF began teaching English in 6 madrasas. When studying language courses, youth of madrasas are trained to increase comprehensive education and employment through additional education. Held a course in English language in the madrassas "MuaZ Ibn Jabal", Batken, madrasah "Imam Azam" Kadamjai district, the madrasah "Kozu kyzy Burmakan" Osh, "I. I. Abdyjapar" Kara-Suu district, madrasah "Abdiraim kary" of Uzgen district Myrzake village, Osh region and in the madrasas, "Imam Azam" Suzak district, Jalal-Abad region.

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Final exam for a seamstress course

On April 15, a seamstress exam was held in Imam Azam Madrasah, Kadamzhai. Seamstress graduates are very well prepared for the exam. During the exam, M-STAR project staff asked students about their practical training in garment factories. They are all very happy that they had a chance to see the process and get to know new people. According to the students, the employer and his staff were very pleased to meet with the students of the madrasa and invited the students of the madrasa to work with them after they graduated from the madrasa. It shows that socialization of the student grew up, and somehow M-STAR project effected to that.

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Tournament on mini-football between madrasas

From March 26 to March 27, 2019, PF AVEP and the Muslim Religious Board of Kyrgyzstan in the framework of the M-STAR project organized a mini-football tournament between the madrasas. Fight for medals led 5 teams, composed of students madrasas. At the preliminary stage, the teams were divided into groups. According to the results of the group stage games, the finalists of the tournament were determined. In the final game, the Bishkek team beat the team of the Batken region and became the winner of the tournament.

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Bishkek Program office

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Bishkek, 720014
tel.: +996 (312) 903 707

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Balykchy, 722300
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